3 Ways to Empower Your Soul (For Beginners)

by Lakshmi Jaisimha

Health is not always physical. The other two aspects of it are mental and spiritual health. Not often do we talk about the latter.  But the growing number of relationship issues, mental issues, and our ways to deal with problems make it clear that we all need to empower our souls. That’s why…

Here’s a list of things I try to do to explore my spiritual self (and you too can use these to empower your soul).

1. Do not spread negative vibes.

I have often noticed people and myself too, spreading negative vibes. Especially on social media. Let me take two characters Steve and Amanda to help you understand.

So, these two are having a conversation when one statement by Steve hurts Amanda. Next, Amanda feels bad about whatever Steve said and backlashes in a defensive mode.

Then, Steve: (feels bad and backlashes)

Amanda: (feels bad and backlashes)

The cycle continues until somebody says, ‘Sorry’. But by this time, both feel bad. Both of them have their souls hurt.

The common opinion says Steve shouldn’t have said the thing in the first place. His opinion was the root cause. He should have considered the feelings of Amanda. Maybe, that’s right. But there is another solution. Amanda can understand that whatever Steve speaks has nothing to do with her, it’s all about Steve.

Steve’s opinions are dependent on his upbringing, the situations he came across in life, and the things he learnt in life.

And if Steve’s opinions hurt Amanda, it is Amanda’s responsibility to take care of her feelings through the thoughts she creates in her mind. Not Steve’s. Sometimes people forget that there’s already a lot of negativity in the world.

The goal shouldn’t be to teach someone a lesson (with backlashes) but to spread positive vibes whenever possible. And not to spread negative vibes whenever it’s in our control.

So, this is what I am trying to commit to these days. If I’m Steve, I won’t start this process. If I’m Amanda, I won’t continue it.  Yup, this is how you can make sure your soul’s energy stays intact and you can empower your soul.


2. Become aware of the chatter inside.

Being a newbie into spiritual learning and understanding how essential emotional energy is, I often end up with thousands of thoughts messing up in my head.

So, these days I’m trying to be more aware of the chatter inside. Not just checking if it’s negative or positive, but also if it’s even required at the moment. That’s because this chatter often makes me unproductive.

 One thing that’s helping me with this, is a check on the number of tabs open on my browser while I am working (or trying to).

 Fewer tabs mean I’m more focused on the task at hand and there’s less chatter in the mind. And too many open tabs imply the opposite. This also gives me an idea of how my day will proceed. With too many open tabs, I feel distracted. It’s just a sign that I am multitasking and am bound to take more time than required on any task.

 Result: Incomplete to-do list or rushed work if there is a deadline.

 So, the moment I notice myself switching between tabs not able to find the right one, I know it’s time to close the non-essential ones. Both on the browser and the mind.

Here’s a tip!

Try journaling before bed, it has a lot of benefits, one of which is more sanity.

3. Be a good person.

I hardly won any awards in school or college. Yet, I got a trophy in Grade 11. Wondering why? Well, I had the same question for my teacher who told me and another girl from my class, that we were going to receive an award the next day.

 The teacher’s answer was, ‘For being a good person”.

Yes, being good IS appreciated. No matter how many people say we live in ‘Kalyug’ and being good is a waste here. Being good is appreciated and will always be.

Not everyone can be a good person. Some people lie often. Many speak bitterly about others. Situations can make people rude, and even cruel.

Such negative emotions break you down from the inside. They might get your work done at the moment. You may acquire short-term pleasure. But knowing the route you are taking to achieve your goals, will burn your conscience. And slowly it will eat away your spiritual energy. So, stay a good person and you will be able to empower your soul.

Try to have the same heart – the one you were born with.

Have any story of your appreciation to share? Drop it in the comments below and inspire us all!

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Thank you for the appreciation! I will definitely continue this work.


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