Benefits of Journaling Before Bed

by Lakshmi Jaisimha

If you are here searching for the benefits of journaling before bed, I guess, you already know about the primary one. It’s its benefits for better sleep. Yes, that’s right. A lot of studies have been done which prove higher quality and longer sleep to be one of the major benefits of journaling before bed.

We’ll talk about it as we move on with this article. But keep an open mind because there are many other and supposedly life-changing benefits you cannot miss to enjoy!

5 Boon-like Benefits of Journaling Before Bed

I’ll get the primary and the most important benefit of all out of the way first. Because most likely, that’s what brought you here subconsciously. So, let’s get to it.

benefits of journalling before bed

Journaling before bed brings you Better sleep

Now there are different types of journaling. Some journal based on prompts. Others just write whatever comes to their mind. No matter what style you choose, going through your day, and writing anything about it is a relaxing exercise.

The more you relax the better it is for your head. After this exercise, your brain no longer keeps a negative load on itself. All that becomes ink on the paper (or pixels on the computer). With that new freedom and peace your brain now has, it can rest.

You can write whatever you are worried about, maybe your tasks for tomorrow, your hurt of today. Or if you are more focused on personal growth then you can track your habits before bed to bring that sense of achievement. And thus, sleep with a happy state of mind. 

Better mental health

Isn’t it obvious? Better sleep does wonders for your mental health. Apart from sleep, however, when you get rid of the worries in your mind and put them out in the world, your brain frees up. 

Those worries and negativity are junk for your brain and work no less badly than rust. 

You can try journaling prompts if better mental health is one of the major benefits of journaling before bed you look forward to.

Here are some.

  1. How do I feel today? 
  2. Did I think positively today?
  3. What one thing am I grateful for?
  4. Did I feel anxious today? Why was that?
  5. Did something/ someone make me irritated today? Why was that?

benefits of journalling before bed mental health

Helps you work on your goals better and makes you productive

Are you one of those people who set goals at the beginning of the year, but forget taking action on them, as the months go by?

Well, you are not alone. The reason this happens is that life happens. It’s easy to get distracted by responsibilities. they can be related to your family, your career, your health, and many other reasons.

The solution is to keep track of your goals. and you can do that by writing them out in your journal and checking your progress every night.

If you are tracking some habits, create a calendar in your journal and put a cross on the date every time you practice a habit.  Do this for all the habit tasks you wish to do during the day.

Checking these tasks off every night and seeing your progress will improve your self-esteem. this will further improve your chances of achieving your goals.

Improves vocabulary

Really? Well, only if you want to.

I have often noticed myself using new words that I learn on my way while working as a freelance content writer. Whenever I am brainstorming in my journal at night, or just rambling about what happened in my day (I don’t do this often), I try using these new and fancy words.

Firstly, it impresses my future self who reads that ramble months or years later.

Secondly, it’s good to act like Shashi Tharoor every once in a while. but we content writers are not supposed to do that with the regular content we produce. Simple words are always prioritized. So, my journal is where I try to use those superior words. thus, pushing my vocabulary status up a notch.

Also, journaling improves your art of communication. Taking my example again, I remember creating some cool and funny anchoring scripts for my senior’s farewell in college. The reality is I never talk like that. If you meet me in the real world, you might find me a boring and very formal person (only until we become close friends).

You must also note that because you will be practicing your vocabulary and communication skills right before bed, your subconscious mind will take it more seriously.

Unlike all that information that goes into your head all day long and doesn’t stick for long, the words and skills you make right before sleeping will stick.

So, you see, improved vocabulary is another of those benefits of journaling before bed you will cherish.

Improve your discipline

Do you know our will power is the least during the night – compared to the hours in the day? And here you are trying to create a super healthy habit in the night when you don’t have enough mental energy.

the reason you will do this can be any one of these benefits of journaling before bed that I mentioned in this article. However, when you do it every night, you exercise the part of the brain that’s responsible for discipline.

When you sit with your journal every night before bed, you are making it easier for your future self to stick to the habit. thus, making yourself disciplined.

Since, you are doing this at a time, when you technically have less mental energy, this discipline is going to be difficult to build. but the result is much better than you can imagine. this newly formed discipline then bleeds onto your other parts of the day.

Wanted to create an exercise routine? Or a writing routine every morning? Well, try it after making journaling before bed a habit and you will find it ten times easier.

Those were five benefits of journaling before bed that I have experienced. Which of these benefits are you after?

Also, if you want to know my style of journaling every night, let me know in the comments below!

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